Way Back Then

Looking back
Back to when our lives began
Endless summer in the year of the apocalypse
There we were
Four imaginary boys
Fueled by freedom, dope and noise and shady bars back home

Invincible nothing to dread
BRMC were in our heads

Way back then
Life appeared like such a breeze
Endless possibilities
Days were never ending
Way back then
Guitars ringing through the bars
Starry nights and shooting stars
Born to shine forever

Looking back
When the mighty wolf arrived
Tarantino, whisky pints on hazy movie nights
All those jackets gone to waste
Wrecking roofs along the way
Killing our time and drinking

Ancient Jever beer of yore
Babbling and dancing to the cure

These days may long have passed, our dreams have come and gone
Our summer couldn’t last, friends gained and lost along the way but
Although we’re far apart, I know we’re still the same
It’s been us from the start, four dudes against the world and there is

Nothing to lose the world to gain
Prom night drunk at the hurricane!

Way back then
Life was just about to change
Hedonistic summer days
Couldn’t last forever
Way back then
Wish you all where here today
Still the memories will remain
Of our time together