Do You Sometimes Think of Me

It’s Friday night and I’m sitting in a lonely place
Where no glass can seem to get half full
When someone asks me for a another I’d say absolutely
Though I’m absolutely miserable

And the hours pass and so do all the faces around here
And the stupid things I do
If someone asked I’d rather turn my back and go sober
And I’d rather be here with you

Now I’m bound home all alone
On the last train that goes after
Midnight when I’m tongue-tied
And I couldn’t stand to hear their laughter

Do you sometimes think of me
When you’re on your way home?
Do you stare at my profile pictures
And secretely hope I’d stare at your own?
Do you sometimes think of me
As someone you could miss?
Do you sometimes think of me
Do you sometimes think of me like this?

I call you up, and we’re going out another night
Along with two or three of your friends
But when any of them asks me anything I realize
That I forgot how to talk again

Ain’t it queer, that now you’re here
I’d rather be alone with just another beer
And I can’t stand, nor understand
That you must always look for something that can never be at hand