Coming of Age

Years are made of sand
Wait a second and the fringe of tide will haul them away
Yet I’ll stay up all night
Dress in black and watch my silhouette peel from day

I am the eye
The eye of the storm
And every time that I look out for something
I see nothing at all

All around the rows are starting to whirl
And while I’m watching it makes me whirl within

I feel it coming like a cold
in the pouring rain
I feel it sneaking through a backdoor into my brain
I feel it walking a floor
I never walked before
No one told me what it was, and no one told me how to make it go away

No one told me how to use it
So I figured that I have to look for my own way
Why don’t it seem so easy
To live out what is urging to be left out anyway

Where I can put my trust I cannot tell
And might those made-up roads make up my road to hell