Break the Spell

Nobody would ever hear us call
In a world of blunted ears and muted sounds
We swore ourselves that we would give it all
If one day we got the chance to stand our ground

We’d never sleep so we wouldn’t miss the day
When it’s time to turn the record to the other side
To cut the way across the static waves
Even if that means to run against the tide

Growing up was no option and Neil Young was right to say
Burning out Is still better than to slowly fade away

I’ll break the spell
That bows me down against my will
For all it takes to keep a face
Won’t play a bit part in your rotten masquerade
An unveiled view
Might be aching but the truth
In this bittersweet romance
You’re not alive before your heart has stopped to dance

Today your ideals and the flaming rush
Have given way to stagnancy and numb regret
It nearly feels as if we never touched
The wheel didn’t turn but now you seem to roll with it

Do you still feel it like the feelings crashing down on me?
Do you even hear it when a song you love goes slowly out of key?

Running from
An unease I can’t quite put my finger on
I’ll be gone
Before bitterness can choke my sore lung

Phoney idols
Phoney pledges
Phoney means to phoney ends
Phoney futures
Phoney lovers
And a phoney bunch of friends
So many people put their lives into a plastic bag
And then they wonder when they suffocate